Meal Plan Delivery in Woodland Hills: 5 Things to Know

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Using a meal plan delivery service can help take the guess work out of meal prep! When you’re trying to eat healthily and lose weight, taking the time to grocery shop and plan your meals can seem overwhelming.


  • What ingredients do I need?
  • Is this produce fresh?
  • What is the right portion size?

Check out five things you need to know about meal plan delivery in Woodland Hills.

It’s Convenient

Convenience is, by far, the number one reason people turn to a meal delivery service. The hassle-free benefit of coming home after a hard day’s work and having all your meals prepared and ready to go is priceless. Often times if you’re on-the-go or feeling too tired to cook, you reach for the fastest and easiest meal option. The problem is, these quick fixes aren’t always the healthiest.


With prepared meals delivered to your front door and waiting for you in the fridge, healthy eating has never been easier.

Meal Prep Saves Time

On average, people spend 41 minutes in the grocery store weekly. That’s time that could be better spent elsewhere! Not only is food shopping time consuming, but once you get the items home, you still need to cook them. If you’re preparing healthy meals, they often require a lot of ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients need to be diced or chopped. This all takes time And don’t forget about the cleanup.


Using a meal plan delivery service eliminates all the headaches that come along with food shopping, preparation, and cooking.

It Saves Money

Who doesn’t love to save money? What if you knew that having prepared meals delivered to your doorstep could actually save you money?


Grocery shopping can cost hundreds of dollars every week. Not to mention all the impulse buying or food waste due to poor meal planning. There are 52 weeks in a year — you do the math.


A big part of why consumers spend so much money at the grocery store is a little thing called impulse shopping.


We’ve all done it. You’re walking down the aisle and you see one of your favorite snack items and you just can’t resist tossing them into your cart. Or you can’t pass up the opportunity to “Buy 2 Get 1 Free”.


Avoiding the grocery store means stopping yourself from buying unnecessary and often unhealthy food items.

Meal Plan Delivery Helps with Portion Size

Portion size in America is out of control.


Most people don’t know how to properly judge portion sizes when it comes to proteins, fats, and carbs. Did you know you can even overeat on fruits and vegetables?


Fruits contain a lot of sugar and when eaten in excess can actually lead to fat storage, especially in that pesky midsection. Too much of, even a good thing, can be bad.


With meal prep delivery, the portion sizes are already calculated for you, so you’re guaranteed to only eat what your body needs.

You Get Fresh Ingredients

Fresh foods and ingredients are free of chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and other additives. When you consume fresh foods you’re getting the most out of the vitamins and nutrients these ingredients have to offer.


The many benefits of grass-fed beef and pasture raised meats are also becoming more well-known.

Grass-fed beef provides less total fat, more antioxidant vitamins, heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid — a type of fat that’s said to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.


Many meal prep delivery services use only the freshest ingredients and grass-fed meats.


With meal prep delivery, the portion sizes are already calculated for you, so you’re guaranteed to only eat what your body needs.

Bring Nutrition to Your Doorstep

Are you ready to begin a healthier lifestyle? Looking to save time and money by having fresh foods delivered to your door?


Muscle Up Meals can help you take the guess work out of your meal prep. With both local and nationwide delivery options, you’re never out of reach of a healthy meal.


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