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Muscle Up Meals provides gourmet chef prepared meal prep services and healthy meal delivery service in West Hollywood California. There are many options when it comes to finding West Hollywood meal prep services and healthy catering options. However, we feel that none compare to the quality of Muscle Up Meals. West Hollywood has long since been a mecca of healthy eating and nutrition. Hosting some of the most diverse healthy lifestyle cuisine and fitness meal options on the West Coast. West Hollywood was even once the home of a huge corporate chain called “My Fit Foods” which existed in 99 locations across the country.

A few important things to mention that sets Muscle Up Meals apart from the competition is flavor, quality, value, and results.

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    • Flavor: Muscle Up Meals isn’t just a bland-boring meal prep service like the others. It’s commonplace among other healthy meal companies to get dry meat and rice slopped on a plate with very minimal seasonings and flavor. Each of our meals taste amazing, with every single bite! They are chef prepared culinary dishes, re-made to be healthy and have the portions controlled.


    • Quality: Muscle Up Meals strives to deliver the highest quality food by whenever possible buying locally grown organic produce and meats. We regularly visit farmers markets, and deal directly with growers, vendors, and meat suppliers. It’s our goal to know where the food is coming from. You can taste the difference in our meals, because we care about our client’s health and wellness.


    • Value: We give generous portions of meat. While most meal prep companies only include 3 or 4 ounces of meat, our meals come with between 5 to 5 1/2 ounces. Many meal prep services will also give you a giant portion of carbs to make up for the small portion of meat (because it’s cheaper). We actually do the reverse, because it will ultimately yield better results on your journey to weight loss or muscle gains. Now for those who want a higher amount of carbs, or less protein we are able to customize the meals to your liking.


    • Results: The meals are geared towards delivering results to your fitness goals. They are also used to maintain a delicious yet healthy lifestyle for the long term. The food is restaurant quality, so anyone would enjoy eating them, even your friends who are not on “diets”.

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Muscle Up Meals proudly delivers healthy pre-packaged meal preps in West Hollywood Ca. We also provide healthy lifestyle West Hollywood meal delivery / Food delivery weho healthy catering and more!

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