5 Reasons to Love Prepared Meal Delivery in Tarzana

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When it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, there are two key ingredients you need: the right nutrition and a well-balanced exercise plan.


There’s no debate that adequate exercise is a large part of losing weight and leading a healthy life. But did you know that your diet is actually more important than your workout regime?


75% of weight loss comes from diet, with the remaining 25% attributed to exercise.


That means in order to reach your weight loss goals, your nutrition needs to be on point.


One way of guaranteeing this is by using a prepared meal delivery service. Read on to discover five reasons why.

Prepared Meal Delivery Makes Meal Prep Simple

Meal prep is important when adopting a healthier lifestyle. Stocking your shelves with clean, fresh, healthy snack and meal options is key to your success.


But what if you don’t have time to shop? Don’t know what to shop for? Or just don’t want to be bothered preparing and cooking your meals?


That’s where a prepared meal delivery service comes in! Here’s how having healthy meals delivered to your door can basically do your meal prep for you.

Provides Balanced Nutrition

Meal delivery services take the guess work out of what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Having your nutritional health in mind, a meal delivery service will only send you the freshest ingredients packed with the vitamins and minerals you need.. Another great thing about using prepared meal delivery is that these services keep your portion sizes in check.


When your meals are delivered to your door, you can only eat what’s provided.

Prepared Meals Save you Money

Yep, that’s right. By purchasing pre-packaged, proportioned meals, you’re actually saving hundreds of dollars on groceries! Grocery shopping can easily cost hundreds of dollars every week. And often food is wasted due to poor meal planning. Not to mention, grocery shopping often equals impulse shopping and you wind up with items in your cart that aren’t on your list.


Save money by having only the foods you need delivered to your doorstep.

Freedom to Do Other Things

With the fast-paced lives most people live these days, there never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish everything you want.Thinking about prepping and preparing all of your food for the week might seem overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be if you let someone else do it for you. Using prepared meal delivery means just that — prepared meals are delivered to your door. No muss, no fuss.


That means no chopping, dicing or filleting for you. And no cleanup! Think of all the free time you’ll have if you eliminate meal prep from your schedule?

Convenience Is Key

Often times we make poor food choices when we’re in a hurry. It’s easier to grab a pizza or swing through a fast food drive-thru than prepare a meal ourselves. The convenience of fast food is what makes it so appealing. Prepared meal delivery can provide you this same level of convenience with a fraction of the fat and calories. Simply place your freshly delivered items into your fridge, and they’ll be ready to grab-and-go when you’re in a hurry.


Have questions about how prepared meal delivery works? Check out our page of frequently asked questions.

Meal Prep Will Keep You on Track

It’s not always easy to stay on track with your diet and exercise. Cravings happen, missed workouts are inevitable and snacking creeps in when you least expect it. With fully prepared, healthy meals at your fingertips, you can counteract some of these bumps in the road. Having your meals ready guarantees a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients as part of your busy day. Contact us for more information on our local delivery and nationwide shipping.