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Muscle Up Meals Shipping Map

Here’s a Map

If you choose shipping: You can expect the meals to arrive either frozen or chilled depending on how long the travel was. Additionally, there will be one or two ice packs and possibly dry ice. For far away destinations more dry ice is used, for shorter commutes ice packs would be enough.

Here’s a map to illustrate UPS’s estimates when using the ground shipping option. It’s color coded and gives an idea of when the meals would arrive. We ship on Monday so count from that day forward, if it says it will arrive in 2 days we expect a 3 day maximum arrival time, if it says 1 day, we expect a 2 day maximum arrival time.

Muscle Up Meals

We can ship via UPS / Fedex / USPS to California, Nevada, and Arizona. Parts of Utah may also be possible. This is due to needing the food to arrive within a maximum window of 3 days.

As opposed to our delivery option which is fresh from our kitchen, ordering the meals shipped will possibly arrive frozen in an effort to increase the maximum shipping radius we can provide. Before checking out choose your shipping option, ground is the cheapest and usually good enough, it will however provide an estimate based on your distance and if it exceeds 3 days, choose a speedier option. This however shouldn’t happen because we have carefully chosen our shipping radius.