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LA’s biggest healthy prepared meals company My Fit Foods sadly announced that it would be closing more than 50 of it’s stores, without any warning to its employees or customers. However, Muscle Up Meals is expanding and would like to make you an amazing offer. We want to offer you a whopping 30% discount on your first order to order give us a try! Like My Fit Foods, Muscle Up Meals offers fresh, healthy prepared meals delivered in Los Angeles, orange, and Ventura county. Get 30% off our meal plan by using the promo code: myfit30 at checkout today!


These meals are gourmet chef prepared culinary dishes made fresh from our kitchen and delivered to yours. This isn’t your ordinary bland diet meal program, it’s full of flavor and won’t be harmful to your health.

Muscle Up Meals Vs My Fit Foods

Muscle Up Meals offers the same concept in mind as My Fit Foods did: Offer healthy lifestyle meals to help with fitness goals. However, the execution is quite different. While My Fit Foods tried to remain at a balance of affordable and tasty, Muscle Up Meals does not wish to sacrifice its meal quality. You can expect the highest quality of food when ordering a meal from Muscle Up Meals. It may cost a couple dollars more than My Fit Foods did, but you can definitely expect a much better return on your investment with us.


Try Muscle Up Meals today with a 30% discount by using the promo code: Myfit30 at checkout today!

We Deliver To My Fit Foods Los Angeles Locations


We deliver to the following my fit foods  closure locations:


Studio City


My Fit Foods Sherman Oaks






Hermosa Beach


My Fit Foods West Hollywood


Manhattan Beach


West LA


My Fit Foods Los Angeles


Long Beach


My Fit Foods Costa Mesa


My Fit Foods Torrance



Tags: My Fit Foods LA / Weight Loss Meal Plan / Los Angeles Prepared Meals company / My Fit foods Promo Code Coupon / SoCal / Southern California! We specialize in diet food for various meal plans and healthy eating types. No matter what your needs are, Muscle Up Meals can help with the very freshest food delivery service possible. Our meals come fresh from our kitchen to yours, every week! So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and take advantage of our promotional limited time offer of 30% off, if you need help selecting the right meals for you, please feel free to send us an email or phone call and we will be glad to help in any way we can!


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