Adam Karapetyan – Co-Founder of Muscle Up Meals

On the left was Adam before losing 200 lbs in 14 months

From Obese to Muscle Beast In Only 14 Months!

Yes, it’s true! I’ve personally seen the before and after transformation.

When I first met Adam, he was undoubtedly one of the largest people I’ve ever seen in my life.  Tipping the scale at over 400 pounds, he came closer to an untimely demise with every cheeseburger, every slice of pizza, every step and breath he took.  

Gold's Gym Challenge Winner

Long story short, after first making the mental commitment that he was finally going to do whatever was necessary to loose weight and get healthy he embarked upon his tough but rewarding journey which ultimately resulted in him winning the National Golds Gym Challenge.

Here’s the short back story that helped Adam go from Obese to Muscle Beast in just 14 months!  

Adam’s first step was to remain committed live the principles that are proven necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve his personal fitness goals.  One of the key factors in this principle include “Healthy Food and Proper Nutrition”.

To create a lean, mean, muscle machine, it doesn’t matter how much you work out if you’re filling your body with junk. We’re talking a lot of junk like candy, soda, cake, pastries, fried foods, fatty burgers, shakes and so forth. You know, the kind of food we all really like but can become addictive, cause you to lose control and end up weighing 400 pounds and pushing up daisies before you’re 40.  

You’ve got to feed your body the fuel and nutrients it needs to get strong, burn fat, build muscle, protect your vascular and immune systems. That’s exactly what Adam did. He completely changed his eating habits and diet. Consuming only healthy food that would give him the base, strength and stamina needed to create a new body.

In addition to eating a healthy diet, he continued to work with his fitness coach who, with patience and knowledge, gave him the proper instruction and motivation needed to accomplish his fitness goal.

The result is two fold:

  1. As mentioned above, Adam won the National Gold’s Gym Challenge. Look at his before and after photos.  The results are astounding!  
  2. Adam’s journey to a healthy, fit lifestyle caused him to rethink what was really important in life, and what could he do to help other people who may be in the same position he once found himself, that of being obese, close to death and devoid of any real purpose or meaning in life other than looking forward to scoring his next glazed donut cheeseburger with country gravy, fries, chocolate shake and slice of apple pie, no, make that a whole apple pie.

The result of that lifestyle commitment is what you see here – Muscle Up Meals.  Committed to help people get the proper nutrition they need to achieve their fitness goals and leave a healthy lifestyle.

Executive Chef – Efrain Torres

Like Adam, Efrain also lost 60 pounds on his own journey to health and fitness. Together, Adam and Efrain created the Muscle Up Meals company to be several cuts above any other meal prep service.  Each meal is prepared to be 5 Star Delicious as well as precisely weighed and measured to ensure each meal provides the optimum nutrition to help you reach your fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose fat and gain muscle, or just loose weight so you can start to enjoy a healthy living lifestyle, Muscle Up Meals has the solution you need.

“Our Mission Is To Have Thousands Of People Like You, Join Us On The Journey To Health & Fitness!”

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