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  •   I have been with muscle up meals for 3 weeks now and have lost 7 lbs. The food is sooo delicious - def your restaurant grade food at a fraction of the cost. I was worried that I would go hungry with 4oz of protein but I was wrong. The food kept me satisfied until my next meal. Adam takes pride in what he does and it shows in the products! He is very responsive to questions and inquiries over text and he gives tips for delicious breakfast. Definitely your go to company when you are too busy prepping meals but want to make sure you stay within your calorie intake.

    thumb Venny C.

      Best meal prep I've came across, in the past month I've lost 12 pounds just by sticking to my diet thanks to muscle up eating is made so simple and delicious. I recommended my friends and fam and they loved it, thank you Adam.

    thumb Art T.

      The food and service is wonderful. I was originally having the balance meals but recently began Keto and the food is so delicious. I love that they have such a variety from balanced, Keto, Vega, etc. I always order the almond crusted chicken tenders because they are so tender, with great flavor and the sauce is spicy and perfect. It is also easy for me to eat since sometimes I only have a few minutes between my clients. The owner Adam is so involved and answers all texts and emails. One time I received the wrong order (only happened once) and I left an email... within a 1/2 hour Adam text me to help make it right. I told him I was surprised to hear from him and he said his priority are his clients. I was very impressed by his concern and All business owners should be as conscientious as Adam. The prices are fair and so helps me when I can't cook and keeps me eating healthy.
    You will not be disappointed in the food and the delivery.

    thumb Joanne K.
  •   Hands down one of the best meal preps I was so grateful to being recommended by my manager!!
    The food is flavorful and not boring. Usually when I thought eating healthy, I'd think plain and boring, but this company is a mind changer!
    The owner had a fabulous weight loss transformation with the help of these very meals and I've never been so motivated and inspired to eat and live healthier. Huge applause for this man doing it all on his own and staying dedicated. He is very responsive and courteous to your needs or concerns. There are different meal plans to fit your dietary needs; definitely worth a try, I APPROVE AND RECOMMEND!

    thumb Xienly C.

    Such a variety of gourmet meal preps that will leave you satisfied. My favorite one is the CHICKEN TENDERS, BREAKFAST TACOS, & CHICKEN SATAY! OH MY GOODNESS; my mouth is literally watering typing about it. The sauces and sides are amazing as well! ABSOLUTELY GUILT FREE. You have to check it out! Do not hesitate to view the website or even call. Adam is amazing, empathetic, considerate, knowledgeable, and is a great individual who has no problem solving any questions/concerns.

    thumb Hector G.

      All I can say is this is the most amazing food I have tried in a long time.   At first I didn't know what to expect, but this entire experience has exceeded my expectations.  I definitely will be a return customer, and very much appreciate the great customer service!  Thank you Adam

    thumb Christine G.
  •   Okay, ONE WORD ((AMAZING)) Now with that said mouth watering food !! Promt and clean eating in detail! Service has never skipped a beat !!! I was slightly sad that even small buainess's need breaks as well  I am super appreciative that muscle up meals notified me that their service would be on hold for a small moment. Now my most favorite meal is the almond crusted chicken tenders !! Yass!!! Absolute one of my faves !!! No need to look else where !!! Love this company and the owner !!! Thanks for keeping me healthy !!! Happy New Year to you and your amazing team !

    As a Corporate Chef eating healthy !! This is my haven!!! Keep healthy food tasty !!

    thumb Angela S.

      My first order was made on Dec 15, 10 assorted meals for $140. I got everything on Monday Dec 17 as ordered. The food was fine, they were good and the portion was fine but felt some of the meals were way too salty (namely the lamb and the meatloaf). Decided to order a 2nd batch on Dec 20  (went with mostly lighter meals this time), to be delivered on Dec 23 (Sunday) between the hours of 8pm -12am. The food was never delivered, no text messages, no e-mails explaining why.

    Since no one communicated to me about the status of my order, I started following up on the order Dec 26, asking for a refund and why my order wasn't delivered. No response. Fine, I thought it might be due to a holiday, even though nowhere on the website did it indicate that the company was on holiday, in fact, next to the e-mail address, it said that "e-mails are checked frequently" on the website. Followed up again on Dec 27,  nothing. During this time, I called my bank refuting this charge. Followed up again on Dec 30, letting them know that I have asked my credit card company to refute this charge and I will be leaving a negative review on Yelp, and what do you know, got a response right away!

    The response that I got was unsatisfactory. First, Adam (owner) explained that he was away on holiday, and thought someone had taken care of my request for refund and that he was having IT issues (He showed me text exchanges and e-mails explaining the IT issue as the reason why no one got back to me about the refund) but nope, that's not what I was really asking about. I was actually asking why my order was never delivered on Dec 23 when it specifically said a delivery date of Dec 23. Several iterations of the response were given, one of them was "the order system has since been upgraded so that it knows when they will be away on holiday", "he has told several clients that he will be out of town, but maybe didn't tell me". Sometimes, I feel like its just easier to own up to your mistake and none of that was done here.

    Listen, I am all about supporting small businesses and mindful about people needing time off during the holiday. But not fulfilling an order is not OK for a small business, especially in a competitive space such as meal deliveries when clients have many options. What I do have a gripe about, is that nowhere on the website, did it indicate that it was on holiday and that there was an order/delivery cut off time, had there been, I wouldn't have placed the order! In fact, the week of Dec 17, I kept getting reminder e-mails about re-ordering! So clearly, their IT was on point about the sales portion of the business, but perhaps they need to work on the execution.

    Full disclosure, Adam (owner) did offer me a full refund and some free meals going forward. I have spent way too much time on this order already (I stayed up waiting for my meals to be delivered on Dec 23 as I go to bed early Sunday nights, plus time corresponding, calling my bank, etc). Mistakes happen, but the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

    thumb Terry H.

      On my second week with them. Really impressed with them so far. A few of the things that I'm digging:

    1) you can pick portion size - female, male etc. I tried another service and they didn't have that option so my husband had to eat a second dinner to feel full

    2) food is super tasty! I was unimpressed with the other service I tried - just not very good. This one is yummy. I've liked all the meals. The veggies are hardy (green beans, yams) so I froze one as I ordered too many, and it still tasted fine after unfreezing.

    3) the price is competitive. It's more than some services, but for what you get I say it's worth it. About $15 per meal. Some services are double, so I won't use them.

    I plan to try a few other services and rotate them, happy customer here!

    thumb RoLee R.
  •   Wow. All I can say is that I knew that the food would be good because the customer service is awesome. Adam was amazing. Like Apple and Amazon you're product is only as good as your customer
    Service. Ive done the gourmet gucci but over priced food delivery services, I wanted to try Keto and with the help of Google and a few hours of my time for research I was able to look at all delivery options / reviews from various companies that provide Keto food delivery service in LA. I KNOW I made the best choice, hope these guys blow up. I'll refer them to my friends! Re- the pic, I ate some of the broccoli before the pic.

    thumb tammy w.

      I am so happy with the quality , taste , and menu , and the customer service .
    I am a foodie , and love to cook , and these were just as good as home meal prep .
    The price is more than reasonable and I honestly got to much food for myself to eat because the low carb meals were still so satisfying. When dieting I was feeling deprived but with this meal plan , I feel so satisfied  and I am reducing my waistline .  

    The sea bass , the salmon , the satay , the chicken , and ribeye were delicious .

    thumb Erica O.

      These meals are sooo good! They help me with building and muscle and taste amazing. I'm a personal trainer so my macros have to on point and I love how it has all that.

    thumb Manny H.
  •   I found this company through Groupon and decided to give them a try. Their customer service is really good, quick, and they respond customized to your needs (unlike other companies that give general blanket replies). Adam, the founder, is very personable and must never sleep because he was answering my texts at all hours! The food was delivered on time, as promised, with a follow up text to ask if everything was alright. That's great service! The food was very yummy and portioned. I especially like the tacos (one item I wish hadn't been portioned, lol) and the quinoa chicken.

    thumb Los Angeles R.

      3 square meals a day that keep you satisfied. Each selection was delicious. Not only am I enjoying these meals but I also got my family into it. Thank you, muscle up meals! Excellent meals and service!

    thumb Carlos G.

      From time to time we all receive service that goes above and beyond what would be described as 5 stars. These experienced don't happen as often as we would like, but they are always appreciated. Adam has remained consistent with his impeccable service since day one!

    I ran into Muscle Up Meals and met Adam for the first time last year. I have literally had a perfect experience so far. Initially, I was very impressed with the presentation of the meals, as I am sure you are as well. Upon speaking to Adam and learning so much from our initial conversation, I knew that I was going to be a customer.

    If you think the food looks good, wait until you taste it! I have partaken in several different meal prep programs, some local and some nationwide; Muscle Up Meals is on its own level. There is no reason to have cheat meals, you'd be downsizing in taste!

    If you are considering jumping on board, do it! If you are tired of your tasteless boring meals, move on! If you want delicious, healthy, well proportioned meals from different culinary backgrounds, look no further!

    Muscle Up!

    thumb Benjamin V.
  •   I have been using their Keto meals now for two weeks. The food is great!  Adam has been wonderful to work with  and very responsive to all my questions and requests. I will continue to use them and recommend t all my friends.

    thumb Amy W.

      Love it .
    Pretty great fulling food at a reasonable price
    Love that they deliver. Anytime I have a issue or question, Adam is always extremely helpful

    Only downside is wish they had more variety of meals or else I would be ordering every week. The meals I always get are Southwest Salad, chicken satay, steak mash potatoes, Chile verde, breakfast burrito & oatmeals‍ either the other stuff is too expensive or too odd for me to try. I think I order twice a month from them.

    thumb Ana R.

      After working out regularly with a trainer for over a year and not seeing my weight drop, it was time to revisit my diet.  I started the first two weeks with the Ketogenic meals, but after that just switched to the regular meals which are low carb and well balanced.  I lost 22 lbs of fat in about 4 months.  This was a game changer!

    The service is super convenient.  Food for the week is delivered Sunday night, and then I'm set for lunch and dinner for the week.  My busy job is sometimes challenging to find time for lunch -- not anymore when I have my lunch already prepared and simply need to reheat.

    The service has been great.  Adam is incredibly accommodating.  The menu has grown to provide lots of great options so that I don't eat the same thing more than once a week.  The food is tasty.  It is now easy to eat more fish.

    Give it a try!  Change your life!

    thumb Anthony W.
  •   My wife and I work long hours. My wife gets up at 4am, drives 65 mikes each way to work and back, gets home by 6:30pm and I have a plumbing business. That doesn't leave much time for us to cook, specially cook healthy.
    If you don't know Adam, you should know that if it's anyone that knows how to eat's him. The food that Muscle up meals makes is the same diet he used to lose his 100 plus pounds. I'm sure he ate other foods as well but to know that we are getting a lot of the same meals he was eating is assuring. The meals he serves is all organic and  well balanced meals.
    The best part of it all is IT TASTES SO GOOD! I love the turkey meatloaf, the southwest chicken wrap and the chicken Satay. I was expecting it to be bland because it's healthy but was I wrong.
    Another great thing about it is they deliver to your doorstep. The food is in a quality microwaveable and reusable trays. Pop them in the microwave for about 2 minutes and their ready to eat.
    Good job to Muscle Up Meals.

    thumb Steven M.

      I was looking for healthy food that was delivered.  I had no desire to bulk up or compete.  I only wanted some good healthy food.  I love the food I order.  Some of the meals are way too much for me and last for two meals.  I would recommend these meals to anyone looking for good, tasty, and healthy food.

    thumb Sharyn C.

      What can I say, yumm yumm and yumm.. if you are looking for a meal prep company with integrity , value and taste this is it!!!

    thumb Maribel C.
  •   I bought my meals on a groupon and didn't realize there was a delivery radius and I was outside if it. But Adam was very flexible and still delivered to me.  The delivery fee is definitely worth it! All of the meals were great, much better than I expected! My favorite was the chicken satay. I also loved the pita casserole with turkey bacon. Great customer service and great meals to match!!

    thumb Meshia R.

      Order and pick up was super convenient and all the meals were delicious! I highly recommend these meals and I will definitely be ordering from them again. The customer service is great and Adam was always quick to answer any and all questions.

    thumb Taylor R.

      Ive tried so many meal delivery services and this one has the best tasting food - hands down!! I have yet to try all the different ones I received but so far the steak and egg burrito and blackend salmon are off the chain!! Portions are large too so i am able to eat enough and then save some for later when its time for a snack. Its so nice to be able to eat these and know I am not putting anything bad into my body and also not have to track calories etc to help me achieve my weight loss goals.  I feel like I am being set up to succeed with these meals and look forward to seeing my body transform as a result of eating healthy (and obviously working out too!! )

    thumb Maria O.
  •   This service is the real deal!  I just finished my first week eating from muscle up meals and couldn't be happier. I ordered 10 random meals and have enjoyed everyone of them. The meals are healthy, clean, portion controlled and with lots of flavor.  I'm a gym rat and this service allows me to eat healthy and have a variety of options.  They even deliver to my door on Sunday night for the week ahead!  

    There is no commitment for this service so I can order as I need. This is a great service for those of us that want to eat healthy but don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen prepping.  I highly recommend!

    thumb Fred O.

      One of the best meal-prep companies I've tried! Each meal came nicely packaged in convenient and easy to store containers. The meals are very well seasoned, adequately portioned and reheated very well as to keep moist and not dry out. To top it off the owner is very involved in his company and seems to have a true passion for the fitness/wellness community. Definitely recommend!

    thumb Danny R.

      What I really value with Muscle Up Meals is their priority in customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend the Tri-tip steak and the chicken satay. They're very generous in their portions.

    What was really great for me was that they were able to deliver my meal at the last minute. It was slightly inconvenient for them, but I'm grateful they were able to honor my request.

    Also, be sure to let them know if you have any ingredient concerns or allergies. They're more than willing to accommodate any special requests!

    thumb Jeffrey Y.
  •   I am so impressed.   Adam is very responsive and gives a personal touch.  I thought I would be starving or that it would taste horrible but its pretty good.  Is it a Mastro's steak no, but its super clean and very healthy.  I already ordered for next week and have several friends that will be ordering as well.

    thumb Rolla W.

      Very amazing company. Adam is great and helpful.  I'm on a competition prep and need my meals a certain way and everything I asked for was right and tastes amazing. Lean and fresh. Best meal prep company ever.

    thumb Zinnia S.

      I have a tough work schedule where it makes it beyond difficult to continue to eat clean. I found Muscle Up Meals through my trainer at a time where my meal prep was non existent due to lack of time. I was hesitant at first but the meals are delicious and I have been continuously ordering for the past few weeks!

    My favorites are the chicken satay and the wraps!! The spices they put in the food are super tasty ! Definitely worth a try!

    The great thing is that Adam is very flexible to work with your specific diet and budget needs! He is also very involved to make sure you're enjoying the food and the service!

    thumb Alicia N.

What We Offer



Calorie counts optimized for females.

 Bodybuilder Diet

Bodybuilder Diet

Simple foods, not many ingredients or sauces, lower budget meals for the “food for fuel” market.



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Calorie counted Meal optimized for the elderly.

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

low Carb only from vegetable sources, medium protein, and medium to high fat content.

Diabetic Meals

Diabetic Meals

Healthy-eating plan rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.

Paleo/Whole 30 Diets

Paleo/Whole 30 Diets

Meats, nuts, and leafy veggies, basically whatever you can hunt.

Weightloss Meals

Weightloss Meals

Meals to help you lose weight safely and at a healthy rate.

Gold's Gym Challenge Winner

Adam Karapetyan Co-Founder

From Obese to Muscle Beast In Only 14 Months!

When I first met Adam, he was undoubtedly one of the largest people I’ve ever seen in my life. Tipping the scale at over 400 pounds, he came closer to an untimely demise with every cheeseburger, every slice of pizza, every step and breath he took.


Long story short, after first making the mental commitment that he was finally going to do whatever was necessary to loose weight and get healthy he embarked upon his tough but rewarding journey which ultimately resulted in him winning the National Golds Gym Challenge.


Here’s the short back story that helped Adam go from Obese to Muscle Beast in just 14 months!

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  • We deliver the perfect variety of nutrient dense foods, with the best possible balance of green veggies, protein, and carbohydrates. This guarantees you receive the proper nut

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Whatever your fitness goal is, Muscle Up Meals is the delicious component you’re looking for to help you reach those goals, Faster and Easier!


All of our meals are Made Fresh Daily by our own Master Chef’s. Yes, always fresh, never frozen, our fitness meals delivered are produced and packaged at our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen located in Pasadena, California.


The first time you try one of our Muscle Up Meals, you’ll discover that these are not like the standard fitness meal delivery you may have tried from other meal prep services. Our Master Chef’s have drawn upon their years of creative experience to create a variety of culinary masterpieces that are not only healthy but are 5 Star Delicious!


Here’s The Secret!


  • We count all the nutrients, then precisely weigh and measure all of the food to the exact portions you need to maximize the effectiveness of your work out.  This saves you time and helps you reach your healthy living goals quickly.
  • We deliver the perfect variety of nutrient dense foods, with the best possible balance of green veggies, protein, and carbohydrates. This guarantees you receive the proper nutrition you need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Muscle Up Meals Are Delicious! If you’re going to eat healthy, you may as well enjoy it! Our clients tell us that our prepared meals are some of the best tasting they’ve ever had!
  • We use only the finest, all natural, cage free / free range, hormone free, and organic ingredients.


Regardless of your goals – if you’re seeking to loose weight and gain muscle, enjoy a healthier lifestyle or bulk up for a professional bodybuilding competition – Contact Us Today And Discover Why Muscle Up Meals Is The First Choice Of People Who Are Seeking A Healthy – Delicious – Meal Prep Delivery Service.

Adam K. Our Founder, Is Living Proof Muscle Up Meals Fitness Meal Delivery Works!

True story – Adam, was once morbidly obese, weighing in at over 400 pounds. Literally sick and tired of an existence which excluded him from experiencing the joys of life, he committed himself to make a lifestyle change. A change that not only resulted him loosing over 200 pounds of unhealthy fat, but has also became the catalyst to help hundreds of people discover that it is possible achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise. He is living proof that when you change your mindset, change your lifestyle, you can achieve great things you never believed possible. Read Adams truly inspirational journey to fitness on our about us page.

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